Thursday, February 4, 2016

"Guyabano" As A Alternative To Chemo And Radiation

I recently met a widow Mrs P that lost her husband  Mr P to Colon Cancer. It was heart wrenching to know that her husband suffered a great deal. " My husband , was very strong during his decease , but he just could not survive threw the pain." she said.
My new friend went on the explain that her husband was from Mexico and while in Mexico he went for an exam , because he did not feel well After an exam at a local hospital he was told they found no signs of why he would be feeling so badly and dismissed him.
 Sometime later Mr P arrived in Las Vegas, He  began to try to work but fell ill and was taken to a hospital and it was found that he had lost a lot of blood and needed treatment right away, This man had no insurance. After examination at a hospital in Las Vegas, a tumor the size of a new born baby was found in his colon resting on one of his kidneys.The tumor was removed , but doctors failed to remove a small piece of the tumor. This was discovered during a follow up examination 3 months later.
After chemo treatment, the smaller tumor was gone and later another small tumor was found.
Doctors opted to not perform another surgery for fear that cancer would spread throughout his body.  .

 Doctors found another small tumor and opted to use Chemo, rather than surgery for fear that cancer could spread thought out his body.Chemo would not continue with no insurance.
After doing research the family learned that in  California there is  help and so the family moved to Los Angeles. They were given insurance by the state and he was able to continue  therapy but with Radiation. Again, why not try a known food that is packed full of the things that could possibly end the trauma for not just him bu for the entire country  The effects , well I don't have to tell you.

The only other alternative was radiation. Radiation , caused damage to  his body and caused, infection and even more pain, one because remember, this is happening in the colon and the radiation damage caused him to urinate threw the anus, where open sores where present. The bacteria was uncontrollable and could not heal , causing a great deal of pain.

While in the hospital the patient was told by a registered nurse the try an alternative like Guyabano.
By that time to cancer was too advanced, He  was told it was stage 4. He  was told he had one year on the outside to live.
"The Guyabano ,  helped my husband live 12 more months."Mrs P explained.
She also believes, if  Guyabano was presented  to him at the onset of this giant tumor, it might have shrunk the tumor and he would be alive today. They were both unaware of the properties of Guyabano.
  Guyabano leaves are especially  helpful in shrinking tumors according to research by scientist .
More research is being done.

I am really amazed that while the medical community is well aware of the relief that Guyabano could bring to most cancer patients. why not use  Guyabano as the first defense in aiding people with this horrible decease.
, The Guyabano or Guanbana  Tree grows wild in many countries including areas of Mexico .
Its an easy fix, I think  in more cases. I believe the medical community is more focused of what harm Guyabano will do to humans. What harm does radiation do to humans? Fair question.

As suggestion  a Registered nurse at a well known hospital, told us that, in the early signs of a  tumor, Guyabano is recommenced, Mrs P said.

Guyabano is not recommended  if you suffer from diabetes.

Always seek the advice of a medical doctor or practitioner.  

This is a testimony of 1 of many who have experienced the wonders of Guyabano. Mrs P will remain anonymous. This man left behind a lovely wife and two sons 5 and 9.
Mr P is with God now and I am sure he is watching over his family.
Thanks for sharing your story Mrs P.